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The Southern Highlands seems to have escaped the worst of COVID-19. However, we understand there is still a lot of concern surrounding COVID dental care in NSW.

You may have wondered about dental health and the virus so here are a few observations we have gleaned recently.

How COVID-19 has impacted your dental health

  • According to a new international study led by McGill researchers recently published in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology; infected and inflamed gums may result in higher rates of complications and more fatal outcomes for individuals diagnosed with the SARS-COV-2 virus. The study suggests that gum disease may be associated with higher risks of complications from COVID-19, including ICU admission and death.
  • Longer than ideal time frames between preventive dental care can cause plaque and tartar to build upon your teeth that can only be removed professionally, which increases the risks of tooth decay and gum disease
  • Wearing a mask all day can decrease hydration and make you want to breathe through your mouth more. This can lead to which can lead to Dry Mouth Syndrome (xerostomia) and bad breath. A more dry mouth can increase your risk of dental decay.
  • We all tend to graze more in lockdown and this can weaken your tooth enamel.
  • Increased consumption of sugary food (and alcohol) due to working from home are some hazards we can do without!

Bruxism and COVID-19

The sheer uncertainty of the pandemic has created a lot of stress in people. Patrick comments: “I’ve seen many people over the last 18 months with stress-related tooth grinding (bruxism) with even some healthy teeth breaking through clenching.”

Safe dental care in NSW during COVID-19

Dr Patrick J Meaney & Associates in Moss Vale is open and operating at regular hours, with full infection control precautions in place to keep you safe during your dental visit. All our staff are fully vaccinated and ready to help with all your dental needs in a thoroughly safe, Covid-ready way.

If you have any concerns about your dental care during COVID please call our friendly team today on 4869 3111.

Dr. Patrick Meaney and his team hope we can all look forward to a brighter outlook in the coming months

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