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Christmas Greetings

We love our special Rudolph Reindeer who was carved for us by our patient Henrick Lund whose work is available at the Milk Factory Gallery in Bowral. His antlers are adorned with decorations made by another kind patient Ken Sullivan who exhibits at the lovely Gallery on Track in Goulburn. Thankyou for adding some Christmas

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Healthy Mouths

Have you ever wondered what the connection is between your oral health and your general well being? Patrick has found this article from the New York Times (sponsored by Phillips) that has some great information and graphic explanation of why looking after our mouths is so important. We hope you enjoy reading it. If you

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ADA Convention in Bathurst

Patrick attended the ADA NSW convention at Bathurst recently. The convention, run every two years, attracted dentists from all over the state. Apart from the lectures, there was the interesting views from the hotel, built right on Conrod Straight at Mount Panorama. Patrick also recorded some interviews for the federal ADA’s Dental Files series. This

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CDBS to Continue into New Year

After much lobbying the ADA has confirmed that the Childhood Dental Benefits Scheme will continue into the New Year which is great news. We were expecting an announcement that it would finish at the end of the calendar year. What is not clear is how long it will remain in place and what form it

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Have You Got The Most Common Disease in The World?

Have You Got The Most Common Disease in The World? You try your best to keep fit and healthy, you eat a balanced diet and follow all the latest medical advice and yet the chances are you are probably suffering from the most common disease in the world……. Gum disease. Gum disease affects an astonishing

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