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Dental Prevention

Dental Decay Is Five Times More Common In Children Than Asthma, But Preventable. In an article for The Inquirer (6/17), Dr. Daniel Taylor, an associate professor at Drexel College of Medicine and a pediatrician with St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children, discussed early childhood caries, stating the condition is “five times more common” than asthma, yet

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Dentists are advising patients on nutrition

A survey has uncovered that 95 per cent of Australian dentists are offering their patients nutritional advice. Of all the recommendations they make, avoiding sugary drinks topped the list—again. The survey found 70 per cent of dentists want their young patients to drink water or milk instead of sugary drinks. Recent research has revealed the

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Queen’s Birthday Advice For Patients

It was Elizabeth I the Tudor Queen of England who had eccentric hygiene habits.  Her teeth cleaning routine was the cause for her to lose her teeth. Hygiene regimes had to be very creative during the Tudor period (1485 -1603).   They didn’t have the technology or infrastructure which we have nowadays.  They would use local

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Link Between Nutrition And Dental Health

Dental Health Services Victoria (DHSV) have teamed up with the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) in an attempt to use the influence of dieticians to inform the public of the health issues their eating habits are having on their teeth. The link between oral health and nutrition is undeniable, with the statistics on sugary drinks

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Visiting Students

Yesterday morning we had the pleasure of welcoming Minty Cao Xuan and Mary Hatem to the office. They are students from The University of Sydney in their final year of Dentistry. We hope they enjoyed observing Patrick and hearing his words of wisdom                 After such a nice

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