Dentists are advising patients on nutrition

NutritionA survey has uncovered that 95 per cent of Australian dentists are offering their patients nutritional advice. Of all the recommendations they make, avoiding sugary drinks topped the list—again.

The survey found 70 per cent of dentists want their young patients to drink water or milk instead of sugary drinks.

Recent research has revealed the disturbing fact that Australians are getting a more than 30 per cent of their daily energy intake from sugary drinks and junk food. The ADA, with help from Dairy Australia, is hoping to help change this.

“A healthy, balanced diet, combined with good oral hygiene and regular preventive dental care, can help reduce the risks and dentists are well positioned to encourage this,” Dairy Australia said in a statement.

The teamwork between the ADA and Dairy Australia has resulted in a new set of resources for dentists designed to help reduce dental disease by giving dentists the means to properly offer patients nutritional advice.

Emma Glassenbury, an accredited dietitian from Dairy Australia, has said that choosing dairy options could help to decrease the rate of decay currently seen in Australian’s teeth.

“Studies show that milk, yoghurt and hard cheese are not linked to dental erosion and decay. In fact, research shows that dairy foods have a specific role to play in positive dental health as they contain a unique combination of anti-decay nutrients,” she said.

Dentists are not the only ones who are focusing on nutrition, either: the UN has proclaimed the next decade is one for action on nutrition. The organisation will be working towards reducing diet-related disease, and dental issues will be an important part of that initiative.

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Taken from Bite Magazine 9th June 2016


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