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"I have a great dentist in Sydney, but..." that you've settled in the Highlands, is the trip to your dentist getting too much? Why travel a long distance when everything you need can be found right here? We’ll liaise with your current dentist to ensure a smooth transition. You’ll find professional care, friendly staff and easy parking at Dr Patrick Meaney & Associates. Book an appointment with us.

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Welcome to Dr Patrick Meaney & Associates

Dr Patrick Meaney and the team of dentists deliver excellent dental care to the community of Moss Vale and surrounding suburbs in the Southern Highlands. We understand that with so many dentists in Moss Vale and the Southern Highlands, it can be confusing which dental practice is the right one for you.

Our team strive to deliver the best dental care possible using the highest quality equipment and current techniques. The treatment we offer you is the same we recommend for our families and friends. No shortcuts, no compromises: optimum treatment is individually tailored so you can be as dentally healthy as possible. You won’t get a different dentist every time you make an appointment: we hope to get to know you and treat you well every time.

We offer complimentary oral health consultations for all of our new patients. Click here to make an appointment. Our dentists look forward to welcoming you.



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With so many dentists in and around Moss Vale and the Southern Highlands, finding the perfect one for you can be daunting. Our team of dentists and dental hygienists located in Moss Vale are dedicated to providing you with comprehensive yet caring dental care.

Dr Patrick Meaney, one of our wonderful dentists has a lifelong commitment to excellent dentistry. He holds fellowship status with the International College of Dentistry and is a fellow of the Academy of Dentistry International. With extensive experience in both dental practice and professional leadership, Patrick believes in patient-centered care.

We've all been training for this our whole lives―we can't wait to meet you in person!


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