Teeth and aging: How can I keep my smile looking younger?

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When we think of things that give away our age, we usually picture fine lines and wrinkles. Sure, our skin and grey hair might age us – but our teeth can too.

‘Getting a little long in the tooth’, thankfully, doesn’t mean your teeth are growing with age; but they do change in appearance and can add years to our appearance if you’re not careful.

Are your pearly whites, white?

White, shiny teeth are usually associated with youth and vitality. As we age, the outer layer of the tooth enamel becomes thinner. As enamel is translucent, it exposes the inner dentin underneath as it thins. Dentin is yellowish in colour and this is why our teeth appear yellow.

The yellowish appearance of dentin is also mirrored by teeth staining. This occurs from smoking and drinking beverages like coffee, tea or dark fizzy drinks.

White, bright, beautiful!

Going to the dentist to maintain good dental and oral hygiene will keep your smile lustrous, white and young. Having a professional teeth whitening session takes about an hour and will have you smiling brighter than you have in years.

Keep your teeth in line

As we age, our teeth settle and shift. Over the years, chewing and clenching your teeth can wear them down, causing them to move around even more. Fortunately, getting straighter teeth doesn’t mean being subjected to braces.

Instead, talk to your dentist about Invisalign and a referral to see a specialist orthodontist. Invisalign transparent trays slip over your teeth and place pressure in key areas to move your teeth into a predetermined position. Invisalign is worn at all times – except when eating, brushing, or flossing.Invisalign treatment takes about a year, and moves teeth into alignment without the pain, discomfort, and embarrassment associated with traditional braces.

Restore missing or damaged teeth

Missing or broken teeth can age our appearance quickly. If your teeth are damaged or a little bit uneven, your dentist can correct your smile using porcelain veneers. These ultra-thin shells are bonded to your teeth to correct shape, size and colour.

If you have teeth that are too damaged for veneers or crowns, or they’re missing altogether, you can opt for dental implants instead. Implants are custom-made to replace your missing teeth and match the teeth around them.

You’ll never have to worry about hiding your smile when you have a full set of pearly whites!
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