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Lashings of lashes?

A few months ago, my optometrist notified me that the time had come for my routine eye examination. Even though I have haven’t ever had any problems with my eyes, I also don’t want to get any problems, and I want to stay healthy, so I made the appointment. All went well, but this time,

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We’Hair Unique

‘Humans are the only animals who have hair, rather than fur’. So said one of my patients today. Sure, she was quoting from an article by Rebecca Mead in The New Yorker, who was herself quoting an anecdote in a book about the subject of hair in general, and, it turned out, also in very

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What’s THAT?

ONE of my patients today told me about a large Australian telco that had some call centres in the Philippines. Apparently, Filipino’s speech has a lot more of high-frequency tones than we Aussies typically manage to mumble through the flies, and they operate more in the top of the range of thousands of Herz much

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Gum Disease and Cancer Risk

These two articles illustrate the ever-deepening understanding we have of the link between your mouth and the rest of you. We provide gum health assessments as part of a structured and comprehensive approach to your oral health. Normally we update these reviews over a three-year cycle-but it does depend on your risk profile and your

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Vitamin D in Moss Vale Winter?

Chatting to a patient last week about the newest concern de jour* **, Vitamin D deficiency, and he pointed out that you can’t make vitamin D by merely standing in the sun, as I had always thought. During certain times of the day, and months of the year, if the sun doesn’t rise high enough,

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