Custom Made Mouth-Guards Vs Generic Mouth-Guards

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So, you’ve registered for your winter contact sports, paid your fees for insurance and you have a uniform organised. But do you have your Mouth Insurance? A well-made mouthguard that fits properly is a must for any contact sport! It’s like insurance for your teeth! 


Before you decide, here are some questions to ask: 

How old are you or your child? 

What sports do you or your children play? 


Custom Made Mouthguards 

Low Impact Sports 

If your child is under 11 years old and playing a sport with little or low impact contact we recommend a single layer, non-laminated mouthguard. 


A custom-made mouthguard is super comfortable because we want you to wear it. If you get hit without a mouthguard, the average minimum fee to fix a damaged front tooth is around $225.
The good news is that a custom made mouthguard can be remodelled in six to twelve months to accommodate the growth and loss of any baby teeth. 


Medium-Impact Sports 

If over 11 years, playing a sport with the potential for medium impacts with balls of all types (even soccer balls) and/or a body contact sport, we recommend a Dual–Layer, double–laminated mouthguard.


This mouthguard combines a hard outer layer and a softer clear inner layer. A hard insert can also be incorporated over the front teeth. 

These mouthguards encourage your child to wear them all the time. These can also be remodelled if the need arises due to growth. 

Dual–laminated mouthguards offer protection against damage caused by hard balls used in hockey and cricket, equipment like racquets and hockey sticks and especially other people’s bodies (all contact sports can damage front teeth).  

A tooth knocked out and lost during contact sports will cost over $5,000 to replace. 

1mm hard inserts offer extra protection where high–velocity impacts are common (boxing, rugby, karate, hockey, kickboxing etc).


High Impact Sports 

If over 11 years, and playing a sport with the potential for high-velocity impact with balls and/or violent body–contact sport we would recommend a Triple-layer, triple-laminate mouthguard. 


Triple–laminated mouthguards offer protection where hard balls (hockey), equipment (racquets, hockey sticks) or other people’s bodies (all contact sports) can damage front teeth. Anyone participating in boxing, full-contact martial arts, senior hockey or rugby league/union should invest in this level of protection.  

Alveolus fractures (fractures of the bone underlying the soft tissue) can be a risk in high–impact sports: triple-lamination can help prevent this level of damage. 


The Process 

We require an appointment to take 2 impressions to allow the mouthguard to be comfortable during play – we make sure your bite is correctly adjusted. 

At the second appointment, we’ll issue your mouthguard and ensure that it fits properly and is comfortable. 

Finally, we can also put your mobile number or name in the mouthguard, so you won’t lose it. 

All mouthguards are supplied with a mouthguard container to keep your precious guard safe when not in use. 



  • Custom made mouthguards fit comfortably and protect your teeth, 
  • Can have name incorporated, 
  • A variety of colours to choose from and can have multiple colours.


  • Takes 2 appointments Turnaround 1-1.5 weeks, 
  • More expensive than boil and bite options. 


Ranging between $145 and $350 depending on which mouthguard you choose. 


What about buying a mouthguard from a sports store or chemist? 

It’s true that one-size-fits-all mouthguards can be bought from various outlets. These “boil and bite mouthguards” might be attractive in some situations. 

How they work 

Boil & bite mouthguards come in a few different sizes. You will need to try to get them to fit comfortably at home; they may even offer some protection from injury to jaws & teeth in low impact sport. They are constructed from a thermoplastic material that can be heated so it moulds around teeth. 


  • Cheap,
  • Quick and easy to use; done at home. 


  • Usually, the fit is less than ideal. As a result, some children won’t wear them during match play. 
  • Could not protect teeth as well as custom made due to possibly poor fit. 


The cost from a chemist for a mouthguard ranges from $10- $15. 


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