Health funds: are they worth it?

Are health funds worth it

Are you wondering if private health insurance is worth it? Or maybe you’ve been in the same health fund for a long time?

Often we see clients who wonder how much their private health insurance will pay when discussing a treatment plan. 

Most of us can agree it’s good to have a portion of our fees paid for by someone else. However, it’s frustrating not to know exactly how much will be paid until the final bill. And, for a long time, we had no way of knowing how much a health fund rebate was before the final payment. But now we do.


Check your health fund rebate 

At Moss Vale Dental we can now use the health fund payment terminal to see what your rebate is before you pay or discuss a treatment plan. It’s easy to find out your rebate. All you have to do is bring your health fund membership card to your dental appointment and we can check your rebate ahead of time. We will use the ‘quote’ feature to determine how much rebate you receive.

So, now you know your rebate but it’s not as much as you would like, or you feel like the amount has dropped significantly over the years. What do you do? 


Shop around for a health fund that suits you

As dentists in the Highlands, we notice that people typically are in the same health fund for decades. However, if the health fund doesn’t treat you very well it might be time to shop around.

There’s nothing wrong with loyalty! But your loyalty should be worth it. You should be getting better rebates, not worse. When it comes to health funds for dental insurance it might pay to do a little investigation.

If you’re like me, you might say, ‘Well great idea, but how do I actually go about doing that?’

That’s where the Fair Health Care Alliance can help. 

Ring Fair Health Care Alliance on 1300 955 691 and answer their questions about you and your needs. Tell them who you’re with at the moment, and, if there’s a better health fund deal out there that suits your needs, they’ll tell you.


Review your dental health fund 

The end of the year is a great time to review your health fund. Call your private health insurance company and ask if they can improve your rebates. And, shop around and see if you are eligible for better benefits from another health provider. Then once you have your health fund sorted contact Moss Vale Dental on 02 4869 3111 to book your yearly dental check-up for 2022.

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