Protecting Your Teeth with a GA Guard

GA Guard
  • Do you have to have a general anaesthetic?
  • Have you got teeth?

If you answered ‘yes’ to both these, consider having a GA Guard made to protect your teeth while you undergo any procedure while under general anaesthetic.

What Is a GA Guard?

A GA Guard is very much like a mouthguard but smaller, thinner and more flexible. It protects your own teeth, it also protects anything artificial, specifically ceramic crowns, veneers and large bonded resin restorations.

Why Use a GA Guard?

Most surgical procedures (and colonoscopies and endoscopies) go perfectly well, but you probably know that there’s a very small risk whenever you have something like this done. In those situations, your doctors have to move quickly and efficiently to make sure you’re in an even keel, and your teeth are not top of their list of concerns! You probably want it that way, but, dealing with chips and fractures afterwards can be time-consuming and annoying, for everyone. In fact, anaesthetists love these simple appliances because it takes away one of their worries: they don’t want to damage your teeth any more than you want them to.

How Does a GA Guard Work?

Dr Patrick Meaney and the team at Moss Vale Dental will take a mould of your teeth (just like for a mouthguard) and custom-make the Guard. A few days later we fit it for you, make sure it’s comfortable and explain how to use it. We’ll give you a letter for your anaesthetist and on the day of your procedure, when they are talking to you about the anaesthetic you’re going to have, give them the letter and explain that we’ve made a guard for you to wear while they work. That’s it!

How Much Does a GA Guard Cost?

Nothing! It’s Free! We think this is such an important service, we’re happy to make you a GA Guard at no cost to you. We just need to have sufficient time before your procedure to do a good job – normally about a week. They last a long time, so we’re happy to make them at any time for you, if you’re not sure when the procedure is scheduled.

For more information about GA Guards or to make an appointment, please contact the team at Moss Vale Dental on (02) 4869 3111 or request an appointment online.

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