Considering Dental Implants?


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If you are self-conscious because you have missing teeth or you are wearing dentures that are uncomfortable, The below information provides what is involved and what they are.

A dental implant is a procedure whereby a metal fixture is placed into the jawbone (this is usually a screw), and this implant acts as a support or anchor for a new false tooth, or set of teeth. Quite a straightforward concept, but not a straightforward form of cosmetic dental surgery.

Dental implants are used to replace teeth when they are badly damaged, and have no hope of survival. Over time, the implant or screw, fuses with the jaw bone and remains a strong support for the fake teeth (a process known as osseointegration).

Most dental implants today are made from titanium, which is a special metal used very often in surgical applications. Titanium has the ability to avoid corrosion, is lightweight and is non-magnetic, but the largest benefit is that the human body does not reject titanium as a foreign object. There is the option to have one, or multiple dental implants in order to support a single or multiple teeth – which will all depend on your individual situation.

‘All-on-4’ dental implants are a whole set of teeth (lower or upper jaw) that sit on a set of 4 dental implants. They are a great solution to dentures as they are a permanent solution that do not need to be removed and are extremely strong and natural looking.

There are a few different options when it comes to dental implants, and the most suitable implant for you depends on your individual case. Please call us to make an appointment so we can discuss your dental needs.


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