Before you go . . .

Taking a trip?

You plan EVERYTHING! (destination, tickets, connections, sunscreen, tell your relatives and friends, foreign currency, Australian currency!, credit cards, debit cards, travel cards, passports, visas, ESTA applications, insurance (you do get insurance, right?) BUT- do you plan for your oral health, and your teeth?

Some points to remember: At Moss Vale Dental Centre, I often see people who say, ‘we’re leaving on Wednesday…’ and it’s Monday. That’s probably not enough time to get you fit-to-travel if there’s a problem. Come and see us at least two clear weeks before you step into the metal detector.

Even better, we all; like to look our best (and hope for that upgrade!) – why not schedule a check-up and a scale clean and polish? We can also provide top-up whitening gel for your pre-trip makeover.

Do you wear a removable prosthesis (a denture)? If you do, you might want to think about having a spare made. Things go missing on holidays, and you really don’t want to mislay your teeth.

Travel can be stressful-and stress can create dental problems. It’s actually got a name, ‘Leisure sickness’. According to this BBC article, going on hols can precipitate an underlying problem, and we see that too when people vacation here in the Southern Highlands.

If you’re going for a long time, we can arrange copies of relevant records for you, and package them onto a USB key. Just contact our reception team at Moss Vale Dental Centre to make arrangements.

If you’re in the middle of treatment like implant therapy or endodontics (which sometimes goes over many weeks) we can make sure you’re all secure before you travel-let us know!

Or, we can give you copies of your x-rays and other important information, “just in case”.

For travel in Australia, we might just know a really good dentist who can help you out in an emergency – don’t forget to ask.

And don’t forget to take Moss Vale Dental Centres’ contact information with you: the world’s a small place these days, and we’re just an email away: or call (02) 4869 3111



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