Foods that positively impact your oral health

It’s no surprise that food impacts your health and this is also the case when it comes to your oral health too. Just the same as the rest of you and your overall health: you are what you eat!

Here at Moss Vale Dental, we’ve identified foods that positively impact your mouth and have explored them as found below.

If you’re a fan of cheese you will happy with this one: cheese has been shown to lower the risk of tooth decay and also provides you with calcium and protein that strengthens your tooth enamel.

Similarly, yogurt contains high levels calcium and protein, which also aids in strengthening your teeth. Additionally, yogurt contains probiotics which decrease the risk of cavities forming. But when selecting your yogurt, choose the one with no added sugar.

Another food that positively impacts your oral health is leafy green. We all know how beneficial they are because of all their vitamins and minerals. Leafy greens also contain high levels of calcium, which is great for dental health.

With the above foods able to provide us with calcium, you need to keep in mind that your body can’t absorb calcium if you have insufficient levels of vitamin D. This can be found in fish such as salmon.

Celery is great for your oral health just because it’s rough and helps ‘scrape’ bits of left-over food debris that might otherwise stick to your teeth after eating. This also helps remove bacteria.

Another food that may surprise you with its benefits is chocolate, yes that’s right chocolate! The jury is still out on pure chocolate, but a 2008 study on using a rinse with Cocoa bean husk extract (CBHE) shows definite a decrease in oral bacteria. It’s thought that these extracts might actually harden the enamel of your teeth, leading to further decreases in your risk of tooth decay.

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