A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

This old saying doesn’t mean I want you to sew you up early, as one of my patients said to me recently! I don’t want you to have any stitches; it refers to a story about mending small tears before they become much larger problems.

Many dental problems progress very slowly without any signs, and often, no pain. Early detection and timely treatment can correct or even prevent problems from occurring. It’s been repeated again and again – that prevention is better than cure. That’s what dental check-ups are all about, the prevention and early detection of dental problems. Most people think that there is no need to go for a dental check-up unless they are in pain.

Sadly, your body doesn’t really work that way. If you wait for pain to tell you there’s a problem, that problem just got really serious. Apart from spotting trouble early, regular check-ups can be valuable in many other ways.

What happens in a periodic dental examination?

First of all, your experienced dentist at Moss Vale Dental will look carefully and examine your neck, and mouth to make sure you are healthy.

  • Teeth will be checked for such things as cracks, wear, cavities and faulty fillings.
  • Gums will be checked to see if they have a healthy colour and shape.
  • Gums that bleed mean there are bacteria present, and, you have an infection
  • Soft tissues, lymph nodes, cheeks, tongue, palate and throat tissues will be evaluated for health: we’re looking for subtle changes, any unusual swellings or surface changes that might signal problems

Will x-rays be taken?

Yes, if we think they are needed. X-rays can be very helpful to detect hidden problems. We only take necessary x-rays, and they are all low-dose digital, state of the art imaging, so radiation is kept extremely low.

What else?

The most important part of the check-up is the discussion we have with you after the examination. This may include:

  • An explanation of what we find out about your oral health.
  • Recommendations on how to treat any problems discovered, e.g. preventive measures like fluoride application or fissure sealants.
  • Advice on diet and the help with improving your home care routines like brushing properly
  • Counselling on how to overcome any destructive habits that you may have.
  • Monitoring the development of the teeth and jaws in growing children.

Oral health is an important part of overall wellness so it’s vital that you schedule regular dental consultations. Call our experienced team at Moss Vale Dental on 4869 3111 and speak with one of our friendly staff for an appointment.


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