Who wants to go to Hospital?

Who wants to go to hospital? Not us!

There’s an amazing article in the Courier Mail online today. More than 3000 children are being admitted to hospital in Queensland alone each year to have teeth treated or removed in procedures related to preventable tooth decay. Incredible! Most of these children are under the age of ten.

Many problems with children’s teeth are related to lifestyle choice. We can encourage children to brush daily with a fluoride paste. As hard as it may be: limit sugary treats. Visit the dentist regularly. We can also value the “baby” teeth. It is a common misconception that these teeth are purely to encourage the tooth fairy to visit. However they are vital to how the jaw, bite and adult teeth develop.

When you bring the kids in to see Dr Cho ( or Magdalena from January) they will give you lots of advice on how to brush and what spots you may have been missing. You even get to take home a toothbrush! Importantly they will talk about healthy snacks and monitor how your children’s teeth are erupting. They will listen to your concerns and give you personalised advice on any referrals the little ones may need.

The most exciting thing is that if you are eligible then Medicare will cover the bill with no out of pocket expenses for most visits. At Dr Meaney and Associates we look after the whole family and would love to play a part in keeping our patients out of hospital!



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