Lemon Water And Why It’s So Bad For Your Teeth!!

Lemon juice







We all know that lemon water is fantastic for your body from boosting our metabolisms to improving our immune systems




It’s terrible for our teeth. Lemon water is highly acidic and can very quickly erode your enamel; eventually this can cause your teeth to become hollowed and yellow as the underlying dentin becomes exposed. Even worse than the aesthetics lemon water can make your teeth extremely sensitive to hot and cold. Even ice cream isn’t as enjoyable!!

If you’re heating up your lemon water it’s even worse again as the higher temperature increases the number for chemical reactions that take place and makes the water more acidic.

Also as part of your morning routine you’re probably brushing straight after drinking lemon water this is making the problem so much worse due to the acid in the water softens your enamel and brushing your teeth immediately speeds up the erosion

How can I make it better you ask?

  • Rinse your mouth with plain water thoroughly after drinking lemon water
  • Dilute the lemon water and drink it through a straw
  • Mix up the water that you’re drinking, it’s far better for your teeth to drink cucumber or mint water (they both have a variety of benefits) however without the acid


Or you could stop drinking lemon water!!


taken from http://theheartysoul.com/bad-thing-lemon-water


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